Nail polish set: Pomme, Joy, Kiki

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A non-toxic nail polish that can be removed with soapy water.

It’s light blue like a stream, and light like air.

This beautiful varnish, sleepy blue, accompanies children to bed.

To walk, the bears always paint their nails in pastel pink.

This sweet peachy pink will appeal to even the most rebellious!

In a poppy field, the cat ventures. What looks!

This tonic red, festive varnish, all children will want to put it on.

Manucurist is committed to a formulation so pure that even young children can use it safely.

The Petite Manucurist range is without formaldehyde or derivative, without toluene or solvent derived from petrochemicals, without DBP or phthalate, paraben and camphor. Petite Manucurist varnishes can then be removed simply with soapy water.

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Manucurist is a green beauty brand, offering the cleanest cosmetic products for everyone.

The whole range is made in France, and the bottles in Italy, to keep a short circuit and offer exceptional nail polish, vegan, natural, without lots of junk inside ;-)

What to have fun while respecting your body and the environment.