Tribu chain vase with pierced ears

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Red earthenware vase

This vase is enamelled in transparent gloss inside to welcome fresh or dried flowers and left rough outside.

Approximate dimensions:

Height 16 cm, base diameter 10 cm

Each vase is unique and made entirely by hand with the modeling technique, so they may vary slightly from the photos.

Made in France

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Installed in her workshop in Nantes, Cassandre works pieces halfway between utilities and small sculptures.

Her ceramics are an invitation to travel through material, color and texture.

In a minimalist and refined style, the ceramist shapes pieces of red sandstone and earthenware, where the earth is often left untreated.

She creates pieces made one by one by hand and in small series, using the technique of modeling and molding.

Her collections are guided by the love of form and volume and her admiration for architecture.

Each piece is handcrafted in its Asturias workshop in northern Spain, giving each a unique and beautifully imperfect character.

Data sheet :

  • Material: Ceramic