Catnip Nepeta seeds

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The name "Nepeta" is derived from the Etrurian town of Neptic, where historically this catnip plant is believed to have grown extensively. In France, where catnip is called catnip, it was used to make tea, before the arrival of Chinese teas. The most well-known use of catnip today is as an attractant for cats. It's the nepetalactone compound that attracts our furry friends - it has strong behavioral effects throughout the cat family: rubbing, paw rolling, licking and chewing ...


300 seeds


Height 50 cm

Width 20 cm

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Piccolo was born in 2012 with the intention of offering selected seeds for urban gardens.

Vegetable seeds, edible or pollinating flowers, and plants specially designed for growing in pots: compact and dwarf varieties, suitable for terraced garden spaces, are offered in attractive recyclable packaging.