Gers creamy sunflower honey

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The Sunflower is a prominent honey plant. It represents the most important production among the honeys collected in France.

Sunflower honey remains little known to consumers because it is recent and very often mixed with other honeys because of its rapid crystallization. It is often found under the label "all-flower honey".


Harvested in France S-W

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The Queen's swarm is the desire to modernize the image of honey and the way to consume it on a daily basis: A dose of nature to share with your family The natural boost for athletes and people with lives well filled! Their products are good, simple, do not undergo any transformation and are nicely packaged. Rommain, beekeeper's son and Joanna his wife, work with the greatest respect for nature and their workers, to preserve the ecosystems we all need.

Members of the collective of the Culinary College of France, they are committed to a healthy and sustainable food, to the preservation of bees, to enhance honey and its benefits.