Oregano from Taygetus

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Oregano is not a plant but a name used to define nearly 40 plants available in the world that meet the same flavor profile. It turns out that Greece is the origin of the most popular varieties and Mount Taygetus is home to the most popular Greek organos. Rich in essential oils, spicy and peppery, this is what Daphnis and Chloe call all-purpose oregano.

Oregano is an essential seasoning for all things Mediterranean, from pizzas to grilled meats and vegetables. A wise old trick says that a pinch of oregano in your legumes can aid digestion. At Daphnis and Chloé, they also mix them with coarse salt, black pepper and chili flakes.

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Produced in Greece

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Daphnis and Chloe was created in a small workshop located just under the Acropolis hill in Athens in 2013. Inspired by the natural richness and rural traditions of the Mediterranean, the brand provides professional chefs and cooks from all over the world. days of herbs and culinary spices as spectacular as nature can produce spontaneously.

Daphnis and Chloe herbs are rigorously picked by hand and treated with non-invasive artisanal methods, to maintain their unique taste and fragrance right down to your kitchen. This process becomes possible thanks to their suppliers, who are more than just farmers. Putting quality above quantity, they are nature lovers and know its cycles and wills.

Data sheet :

  • Ingredients: Gluten free
    Palm oil free