Bôme x Boom Boom candle

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Scented candle Bôme x Boom Boom

Unse scent designed especially for Boom Boom, composed of sandalwood and pomegranate, both woody and sweet, it's the smell of our shop!

Artisan candle made in France in Bordeaux, from wax of vegetable origin and a wooden wick which reminds the soft crackling of a chimney fire.

Each candle comes with its cover / support smoked cork Landes and packaged in a linen pouch.

Once finished, clean your container with hot soapy water and give it a new life! It can be transformed into cactus pot, pencil pot, small vase ...

100% soy wax, all natural and non-GMO free

250 ml graduated beaker

Diameter: 70 mm

Height: 97 mm

Burn time: About 45h

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