Bubble buddy yellow + cleaning soap

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Hello! I am your friend Bubble. Use me to grate organic soap bars instead of buying all kinds of liquid soap in plastic bottles.

Now, do not get me wrong, plastic is a really cool modern material - used in the right way and in the right place. Like me, for example: recycled plastic! But humans are throwing away so much plastic that ends up in our sewage, our rivers and our seas. And it's not cool at all. Together, you and I can reduce the number of plastic bottles in your home. Is not it a good start?

Bubble Buddy is made in the Netherlands from recycled plastic.

Its box illustrated by Rachel Sender contains an organic soap from Werfzeep.

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Foekje Fleur, 1988, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

After graduating in both Design and Fine Arts, Foekje Fleur found her way by making objects that are functional and yet, give space for thought. Her attractive and colourful designs seem playful at first sight, but are in fact inspired by serious topics like environmental pollution and animal rights.ncerecycled plastic.

She engages and campaigns with associations such as Sea Sheperd by donating some of her profits.

Foekje Fleur

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