Olea lip balm

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Lip balm formulated with ingredients of natural origin and enriched with olive oil (Olea europaea), with antioxidant and anti-pollution effect.

Particularly indicated to help repair your lips from exposure to cold, dryness and pollution.

New formula 100% from very Mediterranean natural ingredients.

Repairs, moisturizes and protects lips and mucous membranes damaged by excessive dryness, due to flu-like processes,

catarrhal, rhinitis and the consequent continued use of handkerchiefs.

Frequent use.

10 ml

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Calduch Laboratorios is a Spanish company founded in 1880 that makes cosmetics by hand.

It has a very close link with the pharmaceutical industry because its founder, Vincente Calduch Solsona was Pharamacian and created his own creams, very popular in his region.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the 4 sons of Vincente in turn opened several phramacies and extended the marketing of their products, always with the same production ethic: handmade with the best ingredients.

Work, perseverance and discipline are what led this family business to its success.

Its Suavina range is sold all over the world and continues, as in its early days, to be involved in environmental causes and local foundations such as the Down Syndrome Foundation in Castellon.