Neva sensitive skins soap

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Neva cold soap saponified with Calendula and Oat milk has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties very appreciated by sensitive skin.

FAS is an artisanal technique that preserves all the benefits of vegetable oils and essential oils.

Calendula, also known as Marigold Flowers, has been recognized and used for thousands of years in cosmetic care for its restorative benefits. Associated with Oat milk and organic Sweet Almond oil to give Neva super moisturizing and softening power.

Softness and protection are the watchwords of this organic surgras soap.

Quantity: 100 grams

Duration: 1.5 months / 2 months (depending on use)

Labeled Nature & Progress

Made in France

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Sloe is the project of Bertrand and Fanny, a guy from Annecy and a girl from Paris, a bit like a fusion between the Alps and the Capital, between city life and the great outdoors, between the metro and the reblochon cheese . From this meeting was born the desire to imagine and offer a selection of healthy hygiene products, with very low ecological impact, suitable for everyday adventures, designed sustainably and above all accessible to all.

Sloe designs turnkey care solutions to tackle zero waste without complexes and without guilt.

By offering alternatives to plastic, Sloe undertakes to play down the ecological effort and positions itself as the companion of the transition.

Without claiming to want to save the world, we simply want to prove that adopting new consumption habits is easier than it seems.

Sloe is for everyone who is aware of the climate emergency but who does not always know where to start. Sloe is for those who are already trying and those who are not yet daring, for athletes, travelers, hard-core urbanites, lazy people, the curious, pros, neophytes and even the most skeptical. In short, Sloe is for all those who want to stay clean without dirtying the planet!


Data sheet :

  • Ingredients: Palm oil free