Boom Boom studio

Boom Boom studio

On the strength of her acquired experiences, Carine wishes to share her acquired skills with various clients through an advisory service.

From brand positioning to the creation of a lookbook, the BOOM BOOM STUDIO is aimed at both new designers who want to get started and already established brands who want their communication to be taken care of, partially or in its entirety. , over the short, medium or long term.

The strength of BOOM BOOM STUDIO is to bring together several skills in the same place, with a single interlocutor, at intentionally competitive prices because to work with designers and small brands for years, Carine knows their economic reality and constraints.

Thus, without neglecting the quality of the work, they can help in the development of a brand.

Artistic direction

Stratégie de marqueBrand strategy

  • Brand positioning
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Definition of the project's DNA in order to single it out
  • Research and anticipation of trends
  • Coherence between speech and images
  • Setting up a pre-launch calendar
  • Co-branding work if necessary

Identité visuelleVisual identity

  • Logo design
  • Realization of graphic charter
  • Shooting
  • Set design and stylism
  • Packshot
  • Digital retouching
  • Creation of communication tools (lookbook, commercial book, newsletter ...)
  • Content creation for social networks