Le Manifeste

More than a shop, Boom Boom is a multi-disciplinary, intergenerational, inclusive, participative and benevolent place to live. It has been conceived as a place of exchange, where life is good and where everyone is welcome to share a piece of life and make this experience unique. That's why it seems useful to clarify the intentions and the vocation of Boom Boom which, after several years of online presence, opens its first cocoon with the immense desire to meet you other than through a screen.

Boom Boom wants to take the opposite of some disturbing drifts and invites to think about how to consume by focusing on quality and singularity to quantity.

"Black Friday", "Cyber Monday", "VIP days", "private sales" and "floating balances" ... we are always solicitous to go to the store and enjoy "good deals" even to explode our mailboxes and beep our phones until overdose.

Boom Boom prefers to sell at the right price throughout the year. Contrary to the "fast fashion", each of its products comes from the artisanal creation and made with care and love all over the world, which explains some times of manufacture and sometimes long delivery. It is therefore unthinkable to make you believe that what you bought one day lost half of its value a few weeks later.

We want to make a difference through our selection and events. Boom Boom tends to be the first French point of sale for each of the creators it proposes. They are selected for their skills and know-how. We take care to check the traceability of products that we sometimes have to order weeks upstream so that they are made on demand. The stockouts that can exist both in store and online are those times of latency and patience, implied by the independent creation.

Boom Boom wishes to engage on several issues that particularly affect us and on which, today, it is no longer possible to close our eyes. That is why, like our most ethical and gender-neutral selection, you will also find in our program of events activities as well Do It Yourself, well-being, as cultural that will be for us to reflect on our achievements and how we can evolve them for the common good.

We do not want our only way to meet us to be merchant. Boom Boom offers a small space where you can connect to the internet, read books and magazines with tea or coffee. It is the same with the events that we propose that can take, according to guests, different forms: a sharing of knowledge, bartering, free participation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas, nothing here is fixed and it is with pleasure that we will discuss together.

Our schedules are in line with this way of consuming "less but better" and Boom Boom will practice a policy of openness adapted to this one because we all have relatives with whom we wish to take advantage of the big and happy moments of life. Also, the website will complete our offer and you can be certain that you will always have your order as soon as possible!