The founders

Carine, mother filled with a little Charlie, was born in September 1978 and grew up in the Paris region.

Lucie, born in April 1984 in Bordeaux, is the happy mother of Romance who was born in 2014, just like Charlie.

A sacred common point, but that is far from the only one!

Carine is a perfectionist, adept at the details that make the difference, passionate about both colors and materials. And as she does not fall asleep on her achievements, she is always ahead of the new trends. A real chance when you know as well that she uses her hands and her eyes!

All these talents are due to her personal qualities and her education at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and at the University where she graduated in Fine Arts, Photography and New Media.

Lucie loves beautiful stories, well chosen words, everyday poetry and highlighting creative and creative through their productions. Convinced that behind each idea lies a message that, with a little help, will resonate even louder, she has during her course writes the story of many projects that are out of anonymity.

Graduate of the French School of Press Attaché, she was director of communication in Paris for 7 years for brands now widely installed in the media landscape.

Carine took her first steps in the world of crafts with her own brand of pop and tart jewels which were distributed at the Palais de Tokyo among other pretty points of sale. However, in 2015, it takes a new turn to focus on Boom Boom, a website that showcases contemporary creation from around the world in all its forms.

Having met for more than 10 years, Carine and Lucie decided at the end of 2018 to unite their skills and their will to promote creators of singular productions and irreproachable ethics. They have thought and created a place to live, a real cocoon in the heart of Bordeaux, as much to display and sell creations already available online as to meet and exchange with the general public and professionals who recognize themselves in these values.


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