The founder

Carine is as she defines herself "a treasure hunter".

As a child, she multiplied collections of all kinds, to the point of turning her room into a mini museum. As a teenager she searched for her clothes to find the rare pearl, the centerpiece of her wardrobe. At the start of adulthood, she furnishes her apartment with furniture and vintage decor, found in Charity shops or on the sidewalks.

What she loves is creating universes and telling stories with her finds.

A graduate of Fine Arts and University in Photography & New Media, her eye is precise. Hypersensitive and spontaneous, Carine is a dreamer with a head that is constantly teeming with ideas.

At the end of her studies in 2002, she was already planning to open a shop.

This project, known as La Collecte, she would glean antique treasures that she would mix with contemporary creations.

She visits premises in Bordeaux, which we still call The Sleeping Beauty, and then for lack of assurance and support, does not launch.

However, she created under the same name her brand of jewelry and stationery which will be distributed in particular at the Palais de Tokyo.

For several years, she changed jobs, in charge of communication in Culture, photographer and freelance graphic designer, point of sale manager in ready-to-wear.

She will never feel professionally fulfilled.

After the birth of her son Charlie in 2014, without a nursery place, she spent hours on Pinterest during her naps.

One day, she's the big crush, she discovers Studio Arhoj and her heart goes boom!

Her old project that has always occupied a corner of his mind resurfaces.

In less than 48 hours it's decided, she sets up a designer e-shop with her favorites.

It was time to get started and embrace your entrepreneurial desire.

At the end of 2015, the e-shop was born with its selection that it qualifies at the beginning of "small but with a strong personality". Then at the end of 2019, the physical store opened in Bordeaux, which she will have imagined from floor to ceiling in every detail to create a very personal and singular universe, as is her selection.


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