Billes & Co

The marbles, everyone has played.

Even for an adult, marbles are magic. We like to contemplate them in the light, touch them, make them roll. This game has crossed eras, countries, to reach our pockets.

Like researchers, Billes & Co went to see how marbles are made elsewhere, and at other times. The brand has met amateurs, players, manufacturers, it has documented itself ...

A real adventure! Before, in the United States, marbles were offered to children in beautiful boxes, organized in rows, sorted by type of marbles. It was like “treasures of precious stones”.

So Billes & Co thought of creating boxes to store the most beautiful marbles and organize them by "universe". Why ?

Because they are actually like little pieces of the world, “molecules”. They make us dream and think of 1000 and 1 things: Animals, landscapes, stories ...

To constitute its boxes, the brand finds marbles all over the world, in Mexico, Holland, Germany, China and the Czech Republic and brings them all to France.

At the Atelier, Billes & Co are born these "mini-worlds" in boxes made from natural products: cardboard, paper. No plastic! Each ball is checked, sorted, and stored by hand in its small case to offer the best of gifts.