Baggu was born in 2007 in San Francisco, with the goal of creating everyday objects to minimize the production of waste. Their bestseller? a recycled fabric shopping bag. Beautiful, useful, compact, reusable. No more plastic bags!

Their sustainability efforts have focused since their inception on eliminating and minimizing waste in our operations and production processes. No waste, no incineration of fabric scraps, everything is reused!

In 2020, the brand decides to completely eliminate leather from its products in order to be 100% vegan.

In the same vein, it opts for labels in recycled paper and biodegradable poybags.

Baggu imposes a real code of conduct and that starts by recognizing that every product that humans make has a social and environmental impact.

Their products are ethically made in China, where they have long-standing relationships with their ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 140001 certified manufacturers. These manufacturing facilities are audited annually by an independent third party, to ensure they comply with occupational health and safety standards and that working hours and wages are respected.

From design to manufacture, nothing is forgotten and everything is done to create the most respectful, sustainable and affordable products.