With Equilibre, its founder Léa Ruellan, created what she wanted to consume: a high quality CBD oil, 100% French, made from natural products and extracted without chemical solvents.

Suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder, she was confronted with the limits of Western medicine. There was no way she could help her cure her PMS except antidepressants with their share of side effects, including addiction.

So she set out to find an alternative drawn from nature. It was then that she discovered the virtues of medical cannabis. That was almost 8 years ago. Surprised that this plant is so little known, she took a close interest in it for all these years. As the legislation opens more and more in favor of medical cannabis, Léa wanted to found Équilibre to allow everyone to discover the benefits of CBD. Small bottles of happiness to keep close to you, easy to use, to heal your body in a holistic way.

At Équilibre the ingredients are carefully selected, paying particular attention to the choice of our raw materials: natural cultivation, and quality.

Healing with nature's products means that we have to take care of nature as well.

Their hemp flowers are grown in Switzerland, organically. The transformation into CBD oil is done in Switzerland, thanks to supercritical CO2 extraction, a natural extraction without chemicals and solvents to offer you a pure and natural oil. MCT Coconut Oil is organic.

And the medicinal plants come from the herbalist's shop at the Royal Palace. They are grown mainly in France or in Europe, and come from organic farming.