Umaï is the meeting of Angeline, Célia, Emeric and Sara: from research in the field of natural cosmetics, engineers, but also specialists in sustainable development, they share the same passion, that of nature and the great outdoors .

Lovers of the environment, they saw it gradually transform. It was unthinkable for them to continue to let it degrade without reacting. They then decided to bring together their expertise in cosmetics, with their values ​​and commitments, to make things happen.

Sustainable development is at the heart of their work and of UMAÏ’s philosophy.

Every day, therefore, we use beauty products with incomprehensible ingredients, derived from petrochemicals, sometimes even harmful to us and polluting the environment.

These products can contain dozens of different ingredients, most of which are grown and produced all over the world (like coconut oil or shea butter). These ingredients travel thousands of kilometers before being assembled in France. Assembled in France, therefore made in France, but their carbon impact is ultimately much higher than that of holidays on the other side of the world.

And finally, organic or not, these products are almost always packaged (even overwrapped) in single-use plastic, bio-sourced or not, still too little recycled in France and in the world (only 10%) and never recyclable. 'infinite.

We can no longer continue to live as we did in the past, carefree, without thinking about tomorrow. We can no longer consume today on earth as we did barely fifty years ago. The multiple signals of air, soil and ocean pollution are calls to change, and quickly.

However, these days, finding cosmetics that are truly healthy for us, for the planet, and which we really enjoy using without feeling like we are making concessions, is not that easy.

At Umaï, they decided not to wait to change things. Every day, they fight to leave nothing to chance and help make our daily care more sustainable and more ethical. To help make the cosmetics world a little more responsible every day. This is impact cosmetics.