NIU is the story of two best friends sensitive to the preservation of marine biodiversity who decided to revolutionize the sunscreen market.

Hadrien and Corentin offer ecological products with real protection and controlled impact, which finance coral reefs and the cleaning of our French beaches.

Beyond the environmental issue, our health and ecosystems are also affected by the components of ordinary solar products. Chemical filters, endocrine disruptors, nanoparticles ... the list of harmful products is long. NIU's specifications are based on three aspects: ecology, technicality, and commitment.

And since creating the perfect cream was not enough for them, the founders of NIU launched a new challenge, creating the first French NGO committed to 360 ° in the safeguard of marine ecosystems. Part of NIU's profits is therefore invested in the NGO Octop'us, which carries out all kinds of actions aimed at preserving marine biodiversity.