IBRIK - Ma cuisine des Balkans book

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The cuisine of the Balkans is a family cuisine, made of mixtures, the fruit of its many influences. Ecaterina Paraschiv-Poirson, French of Greek-Romanian origin, gives us recipes taken from her mother's cooking, which she associated with a technique learned over time.

We rediscover with delight the typical Mediterranean dishes such as eggplant caviar, stuffed peppers or marinated chicken skewers and we let ourselves be carried away by the delicacies of Balkan cuisine made of soups, stews, or fermented vegetables. .

With nearly 100 recipes to prepare throughout the seasons, from mezzes to main dishes, including drinks, breads and desserts, this book will transport you to the heart of the flavors of the Balkans.

21 x 26 cm

192 pages

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