Livre Vacances tranquilou

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Maxime Galipienso

L'articho x Les requins marteaux editions

Vacances tranquilou is both an imagery and a documentary work: we discover the maps of the new French regions with their monuments, their specialties, their fauna ... For each region, a double page teeming with details illustrates a typical scene.

But this book is not a classic picture book: Maxime Galipienso's favorite character, Aldo the orange dog, multiplies endlessly and invades the panorama. Male, female, children ... all are Aldo.

He represents the French on vacation with kindness. This idealized world filled with happy moments and serene landscapes evokes a very postcard France, seen as through the eyes of a child.

64 pages

24 x 28.3 cm

Poster 70 x 79 cm

French text

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Maxime Galipienso is a young Bordeaux author who stood out by spreading his images on social networks. He exhibits everywhere, from France to Japan, and his signature: his dog Aldo becomes a real mascot.

The work of Maxime Galipienso may seem classic at first: small illustrative thumbnails or large frescoes full of details ... We immediately think of the work of Marc Boutavant and his famous Mouk World Tour or Richard Scarry the star designer of the genre and its many imagers which continue to sell by the thousands.

Maxime's trait is timeless: at first glance, it is impossible to know whether his images are modern or old. Only a few details, cell phones or architectural and clothing details allow us to provide the answer. Maxime takes pleasure in drawing the daily life which he observes with a look full of carefree and naivety. A contemporary world to which he wants to offer a positive mirror.