Fleurs de saison book

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Throughout the year, flowers follow one another in the garden, announcing the renewal, the warmth of summer, the end of the beautiful season or bringing a colorful touch in winter. Each flower is unique by its shape, its fragrance, its color, its leaves, its stem. Rediscover, thanks to the very beautiful illustrations by Léa Maupetit, 37 flowers, garden stars: lilac, lily of the valley, tulip, poppy, snapdragon, fuschia, dahlia, crocus, gardenia, mimosa, pansy, narcissus ... Let yourself be carried away and surprised by the sparkling texts of Emmanuelle Kecir-Lepetit who tells us a thousand anecdotes about these flowers.

A book to share with the family, for lovers of nature and beauty.

96 pages

13.5 x 25.6 cm

French text

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Léa Maupetit is a French illustrator, who lives and works in Paris. After a degree in typography obtained in 2015 at ECV Paris, Léa developed an illustrative style, based on the work of bright colors, compositions full of life and humor.

Léa likes color, fruit, dachshunds, and gouache.

She works for her various clients to various media destinations: textile, packaging, publishing, press ...

Léa Maupetit