Bichon hair clip

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We totally love this hair clip all in acetate, in the shape of a plump and curly bichon. With his dreamy little eyes, his pretty turquoise collar and his golden details, this doggie will keep company with hairstyles made in a hurry as well as with more neat half-tails.

5 x 5 cm

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Coucou Suzette was born by chance in 2013.

Juliette, from a family of artists and a graduate of E.N.S.A.D. and from the Boulle school, created a breast-shaped ring for a girlfriend, post it on Instagram a little "like that" and the orders flow!

With lightness, spontaneity and humor, she will then develop a whole range of accessories and colorful, sexy, fun, unique and delightfully kitsch items!

Coucou Suzette is constantly renewing itself, adding limited editions and collaborations to its permanent collection.

Coucou Suzette