Queue purple lighter

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Fine petrol lighter

Not just for smokers! It will be perfect for lighting candles and incense with class ;-)

Brass, steel and cotton

Dimensions: 85 x 8 x 8 mm

Made in japan

As a shipping precaution, the lighter is empty.

You have to load it with petrol.

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Tsubota Pearl was established in 1952 in Tokyo.

Its founder Hiroshi Tsubota chose "PEARL" after the invention of the world's first cultured pearl born in Japan. He then imagined his products with a view to being distributed throughout the world.

Lighters, cigarette cases, cigar cutters, business card holders, ball-point perfume sprays, pill boxes, mirrors, pens, money clips ... Its range is available with beautiful materials, metal and leather, chic and elegant.

All components are made in specialist workshops in and around the Asakusa area of Tokyo, known as Shitamachi or downtown Tokyo.

The brand attaches particular importance to the quality and finishes of its accessories.

Tsubota Pearl