Black cat hair clip

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Here is a big cat who spotted with his big mischievous green eyes the coolest toy: a bottle stopper lying on the floor (while the super expensive gadget you bought him is molding peacefully in a corner). A little butt dance and it's time for the famous feline madness quarterback throughout the house!

Fortunately, this black acetate barrette knows how to hold, and guarantees to stay in place all day in your hair.

10 x 4 cm

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Coucou Suzette was born by chance in 2013.

Juliette, from a family of artists and a graduate of E.N.S.A.D. and from the Boulle school, created a breast-shaped ring for a girlfriend, post it on Instagram a little "like that" and the orders flow!

With lightness, spontaneity and humor, she will then develop a whole range of accessories and colorful, sexy, fun, unique and delightfully kitsch items!

Coucou Suzette is constantly renewing itself, adding limited editions and collaborations to its permanent collection.

Coucou Suzette